We assume responsibility

Ethical principles and sustainable business practices are the foundations of our corporate strategy. That’s why AMINO is committed to continuously improving ethical practices throughout its entire supply chain.

We act responsibly towards our employees, the environment and society.

SEDEX membership

AMINO has been a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) since 2010. This platform gives companies the opportunity to present their responsible business practices and make them accessible to customers and/or suppliers. The aim is to make the entire supply chain transparent.

SMETA audit

In October 2013, AMINO successfully passed an audit of its adherence to occupational safety, environmental, social and ethical standards, and can now officially designate itself a SMETA-certified company.

“The certificate confirms that the outstanding quality of our products is achieved and sustainably maintained under ethically and ecologically sound conditions,” according to Carina Patzelt and Christina Ziebart, AMINO’s SHE Officers.

The SMETA certificate allows AMINO, via SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), to be identified by customers from across the world as a company that recognises its responsibility to its employees, the environment and its customers. Dr Lutz Thomas, Managing Director of Amino GmbH, views this as a key prerequisite for a supplier to the global food industry. “Ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices constitute a key component of our company policy,” he explains.

Corruption channel

Dear visitor,

This website is a communication channel for employees who produce goods for the companies specified above as well as relevant interest groups.

You can submit complaints relating to violations of the Code of Conduct using this form. Please complete the relevant sections.

You are asked to provide the following information: name of workplace, subject and description of situation.

In general, your information is anonymous. Should the need arise, we do not have your contact details. However, if you have specific complaints relating to Code of Conduct violations in a specific workplace, it is very important that you provide the name of the workplace – otherwise, we cannot check the information you have submitted.

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You can also send the companies positive feedback or suggestions for improvements.

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