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Creating future

Targets and values of AMINO

The targets and values of AMINO GmbH provide a safe and solid framework for the cooperation within our company as well as with our customers and partners.
They serve as guiding lines for our activities and help us to reach our objectives in a quick, effective and economic way. The concrete realization of our principles is not static, but can always be adapted to the actual demands of our daily business. This enables us to work successfully for our customers – and help them to build a new future.


We set clear aims, try to reach them effectively and allow others to judge by our results. We strive for highest quality, greatest care and best service. Good Manufacturing Practice is our duty. We integrate the individual strengths of our employees into a team to accomplish first class results.


The communication within our team and with customers and partners is determined by respect. It expresses itself by fairness, tolerance, openness and friendliness. These attitudes are based on a positive image of man and his dignity. We support each other and try to find the best solution for our customers.


We always wish to be reliable and honest in all our activities. We keep our promises and act accordingly. All our procedures are transparent and in line with the values of our company. Integrity is the basis of the credibility for our customers and partners.


For us, to assume responsibility means to take initiatives, to deal actively with challenges and always look for new and better solutions. We encourage independent thinking and creativity of our staff. We try to cope with new challenges and to contribute to maintaining the well-being of our partners and our own. We feel responsible for the protection of the environment and engage ourselves in the prevention of ecological damages and for a careful use of resources.


The exchange of knowledge and experience among our employees is one of the pillars of our success. Open and lively communication provides the necessary conditions and leads to optimal internal as well as external transparency of all our projects and to high quality results. Permanent continuous education of our personnel complements the exchange of knowledge and information.